Creek Ville Music

Creek Ville is a community of artists with abstract and different experiences, creating moments for people to feel a sense of true belonging. Less about proficiency and execution but more about authenticity.

Tone Down Sessions

Tone down sessions is a music platform where artists render a stripped down selection of their original songs. This has helped artists reveal an even more delicate side to their craft.


Frequently Answered Questions

We are more than excited to accommodate interested artists. Simply email

YES. Our mission does not only apply to artists but also applies to industry technicians as well. Simply send an email to

Even though it sounds almost too good to be true: Taking part is completely free. There are

  • no hidden costs, and
  • no registration fees.

Yes. It is our sole mission to ensure artists, musicians and industry technicians are compensated in every monetary and/or valuable way.

100% of your donation will go into developing the sustainability and continuity of these platforms.

Yes. Charity donation websites as a primary resource to donate is very cost-effective unlike other channels like field offices or call centres

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Partnering with the organization is as simple as indicating interest by sending an email to